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Updated January 2018

Carmina Burana (May 2017)

I hope the TSO asks Phillip Addis back after such an intelligently sung debut.  I watched him marshal his resources through the “Estuans interia”, a series of (I think) high Gs, and a final powerful A. He’s a theatrical singer who happens to possess a lovely sound and flawless intonation.
- June 25, 2017

Phillip Addis navigates the requirements of the piece with ease, shifting between his registers with extreme flexibility. Orff is almost cruel to his baritone in the "Dies, nox et omnia" aria - demanding falsetto in one bar and then forcing the baritone to dip down to the base of his range in the next. Though cruel, Addis makes it sound lovely.
- Broadway World, Jun. 22, 2017 

Baritone Phillip Addis ... was brilliant displaying an abundance of power as well as comedic flair.
- Toronto Concert Reviews, June 22nd 2017 

Die Zauberflöte (January 2017)

Addis gave a winning performance as the Bird-catcher, singing with robust tone, and received one of the biggest ovations in the final curtain.
- Musical Toronto, January 30, 2017

Silent Night (November 2016)

Addis brings a heart-wrenching sense of yearning to this aria as the character wonders about his wife and unborn child. He begins to question the war and sings of much needed sleep; his troops share the sentiment.
- Encore Michigan, November 14, 2016

Roméo et Juliette (September 2016)

Other notable turns include Phillip Addis as the rowdy and vivacious Mercutio—Addis displays a nimble and expressive baritone in “Mab, la reine des mensonges” and an athletic command of the stage, making his fatal dual one of the evening’s real highlights (choreographed by Doug Scholz-Carlson).
 - Twin Cities Arts Reader, September 26, 2016

La Bohème (May 2016)

Vocally, Canadian baritone Phillip Addis was the most impressive among the male roles for the power of his voice, the beauty of his timbre and his convincing stage performance.
Sur le plan vocal, c’est le baryton canadien Philip Addis qui impressionne le plus dans les rôles masculins par sa puissance vocale, la beauté de son timbre et la crédibilité de son jeu scénique.
-, May 20, 2016

Phillip Addis is an ideal Marcello: superb timbre, excellent projection, his tone and character always right for the situation.
Phillip Addis est un Marcello idéal : superbe timbre, excellente projection, sens de la nuance et jeu toujours en situation.
- l’Avant-Scène Opéra, May 14, 2016

Pelléas et Melisande (January 2016)

Addis sings so melodiously and sensitively as Pelléas that everyone in the hall senses what Mélisande sees in him.
Und Phillip Addis singt den Pelléas so wohlklingend und sensibel, dass wohl jeder im Saal ahnt, was Mélisande an ihm findet.
- Hamburger Abendblatt 8. Januar 2016 von Verena Fischer-Zernin

Pyramus and Thisbe (October 2015)

Addis charged his baritone voice with real passion and presented the almost choreographed movements of his character with great force.
- Globe and Mail, October 21, 2015

Addis has a tensile strength, both physical and vocal, that he uses to maximum effect throughout.
- Toronto Star, October 21, 2015

L'Amour de Loin (July 2015)

The role of Jaufré is likely a little too low for comfort given Phillip Addis’s tessitura.  However, he is such a great singer that this is not obvious.
Le rôle de Jaufré est probablement un rien trop bas par rapport à la tessiture de confort de Phillip Addis. Mais il est un si grand chanteur que cela passe inaperçu.
- Le Devoir, 31 juillet 2015

Baritone Phillip Addis incarnates the troubadour Jaufré Rudel. The quality of his acting is superb and his voice reaches every spectator without the slightest apparent effort.
Le baryton Phillip Addis incarne avec vérité le troubadour Jaufré Rudel. La qualité de son jeu est superbe et sa voix se rend jusqu'aux spectateurs sans le moindre effort apparent.
- Le Soleil, 31 juillet 2015

Pelléas et Melisande (January 2015)

Likewise, Phillip Addis (Pelléas) mastered the not-easily-articulated, free-speeking metre of the prose text and focused on the sound. The young Canadian Phillip Addis enraptured his beloved with the bright-coloured tenorial baritone of his erotically charged voice, singing: "Oh, comme tu dis cela ! Vois ta ta voix!
Elle est plus fraîche et plus Franche que l'eau" ("Ah, the way you say that ! Your voice , your voice! It is cooler and clearer than water.")
Ebenso wie Phillip Addis (Pelléas) meisterte sie die nicht einfach zu artikulierende, frei gesprochene Metrik des Prosatextes und fokussierte sich auf den Klang. Der junge Kanadier Phillip Addis schwärmte mit hellem, tenoral gefärbten Bariton von der erotisch aufgeladenen Gesangsstimme seiner Geliebten: Oh, comme tu dis cela! Ta vois, ta voix! Elle est plus fraîche et plus franche que l’eau – Ah, wie du das sagst! Deine Stimme, deine Stimme! Sie ist kühler und klarer als Wasser.
- 27. Januar 2015 von Zenner

It is touching to see the title character, as if in the bondage of white hair, as he agelessly and naively plays games with Mélisande and lays the stones into the shallow water, so that she might balance upon them.
Es ist berührend, den Titelhelden gleichsam in der Fessel des weißen Haares zu sehen, während er mit Mélisande alterslos naive Spiele spielt und ihr die Steinchen ins flache Wasser legt, damit sie darauf balancieren kann.
- von 29.01.15

Phillip Addis characterized Pelléas with a youthfully high yet loomingly somber baritone.
Mit jugendlich hohem beziehungsweise dräuend düsterem Bariton charakterisieren Philipp Addis als Pelléas
- Von Irene Constantin 30.01.2015

Barber of Seville (Edmonton, 2014)

The star of the show is without a doubt Phillip Addis, whose theatrical expressions, exaggerated movements, and rich baritone brought the character of Figaro to life. In spite of the character’s inflated sense of self, Addis’ Figaro is instantly loveable and a pleasure to watch.
- The Wanderer Online, October 30, 2014

As Figaro, Phillip Addis injected some focus with a physically commanding, vocally authoritative energy that was the highlight of the evening. His bright baritone projected Figaro's self-assured persona engagingly.
- Bill Rankin, Opera Canada , Vol. 55, No. 4 , Winter 2014

Addis was a fireball with great comedic skills to compliment his singing skills. When he's onstage your eyes are always drawn to him.
-, October 28, 2014

Britten's War Requiem (2013 & 2015)

Baritone Phillip Addis displayed a voice rich in tone and textual awareness.
- LA Opus, 26 November 2013

Baritone Phillip Addis communicated with intelligence and superb diction. He riveted whenever he took the stage, but particularly in the work’s final moments, as he described 'the pity of war."
- Cincinnati Enquirer, 12 May 2013

Addis sang with a beautifully inflected voice that was as rich and dark as chocolate.
- Nashville Scene, 1 June 2015